I will also include most of the tools needed for stripping. For instance: table saw, chop saw, 50-gallon compressor, large box for work bench with vice, work table door clamps, wood clamps, etc. 

Additionally, I have 

  • perfect Eastlake dresser with marble top,
  • seven foot heart of pine harvest table,
  • large coffee tables,
  • antique kitchen cabinets,
  • porcelain, and upper “arts & crafts” kitchen cabinet.

For doors, we have

  • American,
  • Mexican,
  • English,
  • and European.

Some are

  • stained glass,
  • etched glass,
  • beveled glass,
  • chicken wire glass,
  • and divided light doors.

We also have many single, two, four, give, and six panel doors. 

Included in the inventory are approximately

  • 600 doors,
  • 3 display cases,
  • caustic and chemical stripping vats
  • wrought iron gates,
  • lighting fixtures,
  • ceiling tins,
  • porch posts,
  • columns,
  • farm house sinks,
  • pedestals sinks,
  • thousands of pieces of hardware,
  • arched iron door transoms,
  • arched iron gates, and more. 

The Old Door Store Architectural Salvage & Stripping has been in operation of 22 years. While this store brought us great joy -- my health has greatly affected the way I am able to operate.

We are looking for someone who will cherish and love our business the same as we have. As part of the sell, I will do my absolute best to assist you with the “ins and outs” of the business. Such as where to buy inventory and strippers, how to price, and more.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions. The address of the store is 1710 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, Texas, TX 78212. My email is contact@olddoorstore.com.

Find photos in the gallery below and the brief list of inventory below.